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This project has a purpose of creating awareness among the families having pet or wishing to have a pet and educating them about the concept of having a pet. This effort is aimed at increasing the aptitude of the families having pets and the human society as a whole, and to develop a better attitude towards the pets and pet families.


  • To give general information about commonly kept pets and steps to take for having the pet successfully keeping in mind the welfare of the pet and the happiness of the family as a whole.
  • To help pet families to keep track of the wellbeing of their pets by registering and learning about their pets.
  • To help the family find their pet in case the pet gets missing.
  • To help the pets who are lost & found to find their family back.
  • To help pet families find the expert advice on their pets and resolve issues related to them.
  • To update them regarding the wellbeing of the “pet families” as a whole.
  • To update the pet families with the latest happenings in the world of pets


  • 1st February 2015 has been chosen to declare this application and the portal open on the event of the SURAT PET RUN 2015, a pre-event to the famous SURAT MARATHON 2015 as the main event to be held in Surat at Lalbhai Stadium, Dumas Road. Almost all the pet families and pet lovers directly or indirectly are part of this mega event.
  • As a supporting activity to the Surat PET Run 2015, this application and the portal is being inaugurated at the SURAT PET RUN 2015, by the Honorable Police Commissioner Shri Rakesh Asthana (IPS).


The sole purpose of this project is to help the cause of welfare of the pets and to bring pet families closer to the casue of the animal welfare work done by PRAYAS Team Environment.

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This section covers the basic information all PET families or whoever wants to adopt PETs should know. This is the minimum knowledge everyone should have about PETs

My Pets

Here you can add your PET details. By adding this information you can avail many other features related to your PET.

Ask Expert

We will have expert panel to answer your queries regarding PETs and their wellbeing.

Find your kind

Find similar kind of pets.

Report Missing

If in case your PET gets missing, you can report missing and all PET owners get intimation. The networking with the other PET families will help the lost pet return back home faster as they are more concerned and caring about PETs.

Workshops & Events

Lots of events like workshops, trainings and gatherings are in store for PETs and PET families. Internationally acclaimed behaviorists and trainers will be providing knowledge for the cause of welfare of PETs and the resultant welfare of homeless animals through PRAYAS Team.

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